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Wealth Management Services for Individuals and Families

We all work hard to earn a living to support ourselves and our families.  It is harder still to build up your savings to desired levels. And hardest still to keep those savings growing so you have your desired wealth when you need it.  That’s where Baron Financial can help.  Our Wealth Management service is a combination of Investment Management and Financial Planning.


We offer financial planning services to help you analyze the assets you already have.  We listen to the requirements of each of our clients during extensive interviews to answer questions like:

  • Where is your portfolio over exposed to risk?
  • What are your risk tolerance levels?
  • Is your portfolio sufficient to meet your retirement goals?
  • Do you have other weak spots related to life insurance coverage, long-term care planning or property or casualty insurance?

And the list goes on. 


Based on what you have told us we develop a customized financial portfolio that best meets your needs within your levels of risk tolerance. Portfolios designed using our High Stability Wealth Management principles are less risky than the general stock market.* Our contingent method of rebalancing our clients’ portfolios to capture the gains in assets that have performed well and to minimize the losses of those that are not doing as well may enhance the return on the portfolios.


Then we work with you to implement your financial plan and to manage your portfolio.  Our Fee-Only compensation model ensures we are working in your best interest, without outside influences driven by commissions from others or our own financial products.  An independent institution acts as the custodian for all your assets, held in your name, ensuring protection.  Your assets are registered in your name at a separate brokerage firm further to ensure the safety of your assets.  We use Charles Schwab.

How Do We Help You?

  • By including financial planning strategies in our fee we routinely address: Retirement planning, Subsequent tax savings, Estate planning review, Risk analysis.
  • By implementing Baron Financial’s strategy to extend the life of assets used to support your lifestyle in retirement.
  • By applying our extensive knowledge of the most useful advances in finance and investment theory.

High Stability Wealth Management – The Benefits to You and Your Family

  • Provides a rationale as to when you can retire and what lifestyle you can expect
  • Answers such important questions as:
    • How should I structure my portfolio?
    • How much money can I withdraw from my portfolio in retirement and not run out of money?
    • How early can I retire?
  • Other financial issues we routinely address include the following:
    • Identifying areas of risk to your lifestyle and determining the best means for protection
    • Your stock options – capturing the gains on a timely basis
    • Education funding
    • Determining the best way to make large purchases

Learn more about our services:


 *  Based on Standard & Poor’s 500 index