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Wealth management services for families with special needs

Baron Financial Group was founded by an experienced advisor, with over 25 years of personal involvement with a special needs brother-in-law, and actively involved with Spectrum for Living, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping adults with developmental and/or physical disabilities. Baron Financial Group possesses the skills, experience, and relationships to assist families with special needs members in a comprehensive manner. Unlike many firms that sell proprietary investment or insurance products to the special needs community, our advice is completely objective and free from conflicts of interest.

We recognize that the financial planning challenges faced by families with special needs members are significant. When it comes to planning for the special needs community, the need for financial professionals who have comprehensive knowledge and experience is required to meet the specific challenges of these families. We take great pride in helping families quantify and plan for today’s needs and those that are likely to follow.

At Baron we understand that for parents of special needs children, financial planning is not an option but rather it is a necessity! The child’s quality of life will depend upon the actions or inactions, as well as the ability and willingness of the parents to prepare today for tomorrow.  Here are tips to guide you as your planning progresses.


Planning for children with special needs must be coordinated within the parents’ personal financial plan. When we work with a family with special needs we balance:

  • Our knowledge of comprehensive financial planning for the entire family, with
  • Our knowledge of the disability, government programs and the eligibility requirements in order to utilize the best planning techniques. Various government programs and benefits may be available to children with special needs, including the rules and regulations surrounding Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. To navigate these programs can be quite complex. To be able to take advantage of the services, which are offered, can be quite a challenge.

And there’s more

In addition to the comprehensive wealth management services we offer, our special needs families also benefit from our implementation and coordination of services in the following areas:

  • Legal Planning
  • Education Planning
  • Benefits
  • Care Management
  • Residential Planning
  • Income Tax Planning

Learn more about our services: