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We are thankful for…

In this season of gratitude, we pause to say Thank You to our clients, family and friends. There are so many things beyond our individual control – the virus, politics, the media, and the stock market come to mind. With all that is going on, there are still things to be thankful for. Here are some items on our list:

Philanthropy Baron Team
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BFG In the News: Victor answers readers’ questions about College-Savings Accounts and Financial Aid

Victor Cannillo is quoted on this topic in an article on NJMoneyHelp.com by Karin Price Mueller, originally published on July 30, 2020. A 90-second read by Victor Cannillo: If you are a grandparent who has set up a college-savings plan for your grandchild, you may be concerned as to how it could affect their financial aid eligibility. Here are some things to consider.

College Planning Baron Team Insights
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Cybersecurity Video: How We Protect Your Data

Baron Financial Group is committed to the protection and security of your personal information. As part of our Responsible Guidance platform, we have created a multi-part video series to educate you on Cybersecurity. Part 2 of our series discusses how we protect your data through our cybersecurity program, which includes:

Baron Team